Surface Decoration

Surface Decoration

We Print It.  You Stick It.  Now Decorate and Brand Practically any Surface or Thing!

Introducing UV DTF (ultra-violet direct-to-film) - the latest DIY surface decoration technology that's set to revolutionize branding. With ultra-durable UV-curable inks combined with digital film printing, you can now transfer self-weeding complex full-colour designs on to practically any clean and dry surface including but not limited to glass, ceramic, metal, plastic, painted/varnished wood, and even leather.  The self-weeding film makes applying easy with amazing results every time. 

Get creative! We hunted high-and-low for the ultimate film and did our testing.  And I mean testing.  Months of wash and scratch tests until we came upon the victor.  Now you can benefit from our efforts! Our chosen film, which is truly remarkable, produces highly-detailed, durable reproductions with photo-quality results that allow you to transfer them to surfaces previously considered unprintable. Simply peel away the backer, apply to your substrate, rub with firm pressure over the entire surface with your thumb, and peel away the self-weeding carrier film.  Voila!  Each transfer only takes seconds to apply making large volume projects a breeze.  Plus, transfers are tough enough to withstand heavy usage, UV light, and even endless runs through dishwashers!

How is UV DTF different from traditional vinyl graphics? Vinyl decals are made from durable vinyl material and are cut-to-shape though are limited to compound surfaces and extreme temperature fluctuations which can effect performance and longevity . UV DTF transfers use a digital printing process that transfers ink in a very high resolution and colour depth (32-bit full colour + white) onto an ultra-thin malleable transfer film. The specialized inks are cured and hardened instantly using intense and focused UV light as they are microscopically jetted onto the film producing unbelievable detailed designs with elements at only a few pixels thick that can be easily transferred to objects that before were simply impossible with any other method.

UV DTF is perfect for creating custom imprinting on heavy-use items like power tools, packaging, drinkware, sporting equipment, and more. It's the ultimate choice for businesses and individuals who want visually stunning, long-lasting results. Join the UV DTF revolution today and take your printing game to the next level!

Whether you're a business or an individual, our unique UV DTF process is the ultimate choice for branding your products with eye-catching results that are sure to make an impact.  Make the leap with UV DTF printing!

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UV DTF Transfer Sheet | 3.25"x9.5"

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UV DTF Transfer Sheet | 6.5"x9.5"

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UV DTF Transfer Sheet | 13"x9.5"

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As low as $16.95